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Express Gas & Electrical Ltd

An Unique Company Combining Gas and Electrical Services

Gas Safe & NICEIC

The company is specialised in the following areas:

Domestic Gas
Domestic Heating
Commercial Catering Gas
Commercial and Industrial Gas
Domestic Electrical
Commercial and Industrial Electrical
Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Gas Safe Registration No: 506542
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 NICEIC Enrolment No: 600464
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Company Registration No: 06837188

Boiler repairs in Hertfordshire: www.hertsboilers.co.uk

Commercial boiler repairs in London: www.londonboilers.co.uk

Gas & electrical service for Chinese community: www.gas4chinese.co.uk

Company address: 77 Batchwood Drive, St. Albans, AL3 5UF

Tel: 01727 537688 / Fax: 01727 537689
Email: info@ege.co.uk
/ Mobile: 07944 168888

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